Massage Session Prices

These prices are assuming that the massage is given at the dedicated space I have in our home. I do not normally travel to you. Most people do not have 2m by 3m clear floor area required for the Thai mattress. In addition I would normally have to charge a good deal more to cover my time and the cost of travelling. However, if you are unable to come to me please contact me to discuss it.

The normal duration of a Thai massage is one and a half to two hours. To find out why please read What to Expect from a Thai Massage.

The price for a massage is £60. For regular returning (within two months) customers the price is £40

Thai massage is an outworking of the Buddhist principle of 'metta' or loving-kindness, and I do appreciate that not everyone can afford the full price. If you are low-waged or unwaged I offer a concessionary price.

The concessionary price is £30

I would never exclude anyone who needs therapy on the basis of cost. If you cannot afford even the concessionary price I am able to offer the occasional massage at extra-low cost. However I ask you to honest about what you can afford. These places are limited and you may be excluding someone else in greater need. Bear in mind that I have considerable costs in terms of insurance and ongoing training, and that it is right that I be paid for the work that I do.