Frequently Asked Questions

Is Thai massage suitable for someone inflexible like me?

Thai massage has a whole range of exercises and techniques. I select those appropriate for how your body is on that day. Although Thai massage is related to yoga there is no need for you to be able to do any yoga poses or to be particularly flexible.

I hate being touched on my head/face/abdomen or I'm very ticklish, is this a problem?

If you have certain areas you would prefer I avoid please just let me know. The touch of Thai massage is not usually ticklish in nature and because it is done clothed there is very little direct contact with your skin. Give me feedback during the massage if anything is making you feel tense or nervous.

I've heard Thai massage is painful. I'm looking for something more sensual or relaxing

Thai massage is extremely versatile and is adapted for the needs of your body at that particular time. It can be gentle, relaxing and restorative. Indeed I've had clients doze gently during parts of a massage. It can also address energy imbalances caused by muscles in spasm or scars in connective tissue and sometimes these points can be somewhat tender. If however by sensual you mean erotic or sexual then please read here.

Should I bring a towel?

There is no need as you will not need to shower afterwards. Thai massage doesn't involve putting oil or lotion on your skin. Sometimes I'll use a little balm on your neck to facilitate gliding of my fingers on the more delicate tissues there. If you feel the need to remove that I will have tissues to hand.

Can I wear shorts?

Normally Thai massage is done through thin clothing. Full length trousers such as track pants are ideal. However some of my clients have stated a strong preference to wear shorts and I've found it works OK.

Can I have a quick massage? I only need such-and-such sorting out.

Thai massage is an holistic practice and the real benefits come from treating the body as a whole. Often the root cause of your shoulder pain will be some imbalance in your feet or legs causing you to stand in a way that stresses your shoulders and neck. In special circumstances I will consider addressing just a specific issue, but I normally only do this for clients whose bodies I know well and are therefore used to the techniques I use.

Two hours does sound like a long time but I can assure you that most clients are completely amazed that two hours has gone by at the end. If you feel that you couldn't possibly spare two hours of your day to improve your well-being I would suggest you think seriously about why that is.

Can you come to me?

Thai massage is done on a floor mat rather than a table. Of course this is quite portable. The issue is that it requires a minimum of 2m by 3m clear and clean floor space so that I can work around you freely. Most people don't have that amount of space clear in a room. I have a dedicated space for massage which is designed to be calm and relaxing and has additional props and cushions available. I therefore recommend that you come to me if at all possible.

Can you do a massage on my bed?

A western mattress is far too soft for a good Thai massage. A raised bed is far from ideal as many of the techniques require my body weight to be above you. In general the answer is therefore no. Having said that, if you are recovering from an operation, an injury, or are for some other reason immobile then some sort of massage is clearly better than none. I have been able to adapt the massage for use on a bed in the past, so talk to me about the options.

I'm pregnant. Can I still come for massage?

In general, yes. Although there is no specific reason, massage is often avoided during the first trimester. After that it will depend entirely on you, how you carry the baby, and how your body reacts to the changes it is going through. The entire massage can be given whilst you are laying on the side. Obviously there are certain techniques which would be inappropriate. Equally there are other relaxing positions using props and cushions which can provide some relief from the monotony of the limited number of comfortable positions in the later stages of pregnancy.

If you are trying to conceive please read here.

Can someone else be present during the massage?

You may want someone else present during a massage. There is a comfortable sofa available in my massage space. However, for many people the relaxation element is an important part of the process and having someone watching can be distracting, unnerving or make them self-concious. I'm happy to discuss this with you.

Can you massage my child?

Yes. This is one of the cases where it might be appropriate to have someone else in the room, so please see the comment above about that.