Thai Massage and Sex

This section addresses some issues around massage, sex and sexual function. Many people shy away from even discussing these topics. They are delicate subjects, but anyway, here goes...

Some of the shadier beach resorts in Thailand and certain areas of Bangkok have a reputation for feely available sexual services, often thinly disguised as 'massage'. Occasionally I'm contacted by someone who expects Thai massage to be in some way sexual. I want to be clear that it is not.

There is no doubt that receiving Thai massage is a fairly intimate experience. I appreciate that you are allowing me to move your body into some unusual positions and this involves a certain degree of trust. If anything feels wrong or inappropriate to you, please just say so.

Some male clients, regardless of sexuality, are surprised to find that one of the reactions of their body as it relaxes is to produce a partial erection. Fortunately, because the massage is delivered clothed, this is neither as evident nor embarrassing as it might be otherwise. Be assured that I will not be offended, or assume that you are sexually excited. As your body continues to relax it will subside.

One of the reasons people might seek Thai massage is for problems with sexual function or whilst they are hoping to conceive. I have studied the lines and acupressure points appropriate in these cases but this is not a particular area of my expertise. Some of the points are easily treatable (for example on the feet) but others are far too intimate and would not be appropriate with anyone I did not know extraordinarily well.